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from 'https://esm.run/ d3';
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You can use esm.run links for quick demos or prototyping. In production (once this feature is out of beta), always use our main domain.

Global Multi-CDN powered by jsDelivr

esm.run is powered by jsDelivr and it's sponsors like Cloudflare, Fastly, Bunny, and GCore. This guarantees the best performance and uptime globally, including mainland China.

On-demand builds with permanent storage

Once built, files are stored in a permanent storage shared by all edge servers. That means future access will be always fast, even for files not yet cached at the CDN edge.

State-of-the-art delivery

HTTP/2, HTTP/3, code minification, brotli compression, fine-tuned HTTP caching, dependency preloading - we always use all available options for improving the overall performance.
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Performance comparison

d3 - load time
d3 - number of requests
Median of 10 benchmarks run on Feb 06, 2021 measuring the initial load time. To run a real-time benchmark with a package of your choice, use the button bellow.

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